Patan College for Professional Studies (PCPS)
Patan College for Professional Studies, Kupondole
Patan College for Professional Studies (PCPS) is a constituent member of LBEF Group of Institutions (Lord Buddha Education Foundation). LBEF has a long standing history in the field of education and academics in Nepal, being established in 1998 as the first IT College in Nepal. More than 5000 students have over the years graduated from LBEF Group of Institutions and today, have established careers as bankers, IT experts, entrepreneurs, managers, leaders in their chosen area of work.

A significant number of students in Nepal apply to go abroad for higher degrees in the undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate levels and pursue their education in a foreign University. However, in the majority of cases, the economic status of a student can be perceived as a major factor that determines whether a prospective student can enroll to a University of choice overseas. Hence, it is deemed logically plausible, to offer and deliver undergraduate and graduate programmes from a reputed Foreign University at home in Nepal, for aspiring nepalese students seeking a foreign degree but not possessing the financial means to pursue one overseas.

The inception of Patan College began with this very simple thought, the desire to provide a globally accredited degree from a renowned UK university at our own backyard. This initial thought was put into motion by launching a very incisive research into Universities at the United Kingdom (UK), The search was exhaustive, painstaking but rewarding, as it led us on to the University of Bedfordshire (UoB), with over a hundred years of experience as a quality education provider in the UK.



University of Bedfordshire, Luton Campus, Luton ,UK
The University of Bedfordshire is a modern, innovative university with a heritage of top quality education dating back more than 100 years. The University of Bedfordshire was established in August 2006 by order of the Privy Council, UK, following the merger between the University of Luton and De Montfort University’s Bedford Campus. With Campuses in Luton, Bedford, Milton Keynes and Aylesbury, the University caters to a diverse community of students of varying ages and background, who are part of the Bedfordshire experience. More than 24,000 students from over 100 countries have over the years graduated from UoB. The University has long standing experience related to International and multi-cultural learning communities. In the recent years, UoB has broadened its horizon beyond the shores of UK by entering into collaborative
partnerships with foreign educational institutes in different parts of the world. The University has established education partners in China, Middle East, Europe and South East Asia and provides opportunities for students to study overseas such as summer schools in China and Vietnam. The University is now venturing into Nepal with Patan College for Professional Studies as the academic collaborative partner. Patan College will be offering the courses of UoB with the approved Scheme of Work (SOW), course materials for delivering the subjects (including slides, notes, handouts, support documents) provided and to be delivered as per the directives of the University.