The College offers financial assistance for academically sound but financially challenged students to support you through your studies. Scholarships provided will be applied on tuition fee category. Scholarships will be provided to 10% of the annual intake of students as per the directives of the government. To apply and determine if you are eligible, you have to fill up an application form for scholarships and funding and submit it to the Administrative office at the College.


Merit Scholarship is awarded on the basis of academic performance in the Common Entrance Examination conducted by Patan College, internal examinations/evaluations and the End Semester examinations of the University. This scholarship in

only awarded in the tuition fee category. The scholarship privileges provided in this category are as follows:

Sr. No Percentage Obtained Scholarship Awarded
1. 71% to 75% 10%
2. 76% to 80% 20%
3. 81% to 85% 25%
4. 86% to 90% 30%
5. 91% to 95% 40%
6. 95% or above 50%


This Scholarship is awarded based on the percentage achieved in the High- School Board examinations or equivalent examination.The scholarship scheme is as follows:

Sr. No Percentage obtained
in High-
Scholarship Awarded No. of awarded students
1. Above 90% 100% 2
2. 80%-90% 50% 3
3. 70%-80% 25% 5
4. Above 60% 10% 20