BSc (CS & SE)


Qualification :
Course Title:
Awarding University:
Duration of Course:
BSc (Hons.)
Computer Science & Software Engineering
University of Bedfordshire (UoB), UK
Three Years (Full time)
360 (Total for three years)

Course summary

Computer Science is at the core of modern technology and at the heart of a number of specialist technology fields. This course is aimed at providing a foundation as well as a platform for specialist study in the second and third stages, during which you will learn in depth, the principles and practices of both disciplines computer science and software engineering.

The disciplines of Computer Science and Software

Engineering are central to many of today’s commercial and industrial activities, as well as providing a diverse and rapidly developing field for personal study. This course is designed to enable you to analyze and build a range of applications. Emphasis is on the entire software development lifecycle, and the production of high-quality software systems using object-oriented (OO) methods and tools. You’ll explore the entire systems development life-cycle, as well as comprehensively
covering OO methods.

The final-stage project enables you to take your specialist work to greater depth, leading to the possibility of future research. The emphasis of the course is to provide vocationally skilled programmers and software engineers who have both a general overview of computer science and software engineering, with a more detailed knowledge of fields like internet programming, database
applications, artificial intelligence applications or networking.


The course has been designed to develop graduates who are able to:

  • Broadly based yet enough depth (programming skills, testing skills etc.) so as to give you credible vocational skills in both Computer Science and Software Engineering;
  • Coverage of the entire Software Engineering lifecycle and comprehensive skills in applied programming and in applied Computer science topics;
  • Taught by staff with both a strong academic research background who’re also actively engaged in knowledge transfer (e.g. to local SME’s), and who are at the forefront of their
  • Emphasis on the lifecycle but also in depth skills such as programming and analysis.



  • It is possible to identify several different roles that graduates of this course are expectedo fulfillcompetent software engineering technician, trainee computer programmer/software developer.
  • Further study: M.Sc. IT, M.Sc. in Software Engineering related topic.
The Units which make up the course are:
Unit Code Level Credits Unit Name Core/Option
PAT004-1 4 30 Introduction to Software Development Core
PAT001-1 4 30 Principles of Programming Core
PAT002-1 4 30 Computer Systems Structure Core
PAT003-1 4 30 Fundamentals ofComputer Studies Core
PAT001-2 5 30 Object Oriented Programming and Software Engineering Core
PAT004-2 5 30 Mobile Applications Core
PAT003-2 5 30 Concepts and Technologies of Artificial Intelligence Core
PAT002-2 5 30 Systems Development and Modern Database Practices Core
PAT004-3 6 30 Research Methodologies and Emerging Technologies Core
PAT001-3 6 30 Comparative Integrated Systems Core
PAT002-3 6 30 Social and Professional Project Management Core
PAT003-3 6 30 Undergraduate Project Core