Fee Structure

B.Sc. (Hons.) in Computer Science & Software Engineering

(Jan/Feb-2018 Intake)


First year

Second Year Third Year
Admission Fee**** 70000
Security Deposit (Refundable)*** 25000
Tuition Fee**** 75000 75000 75000
Lab Fee 30000 30000 30000
Internal Test & Other Activities Fee 12000 12000 12000
Semester End Examination Fee 10000 10000 10000
Library Fee 5000 5000 5000
Total College Fee 227000 132000 132000
University Fee- (Payable in £)  £1225  £1225  £1225
Total College Fee for 3 years ( Total College Fee (Excluding Educational Service Tax & Security Deposit)) 466000/-
Total University Fee ( @  £1225 / year  for 3 years)  £3675


  1. 1% educational service tax will be charged on Admission Fee, Tuition Fee & University fee. The Nepal Government can revise education service tax any time.
  2. MOE fee is not included & every student has to pay 1500/- per year as MOE fee. MOE reserves all the rights to modify/alter the MOE fee. Any other fee/tax imposed by government will be charged separately.
  3. Student & Parents are advised to read the prospectus before joining. Fee once paid are not refunded in any circumstances.
  4. Security Deposit will be refunded only after completion of course at Patan College for Professional Studies. In-case student leaves in between or takes the transfer deposit will be forfeited.
  5. It is the sole responsibility of student to submit the University application form, & documents on time. University reserves the right to accept or reject any application form without giving any reason
  6. University fee can be revised from time to time
  7. Fee for Special classes /Educational Excursions/Educational Tour (Outside Kathmandu/Nepal) has not been included in this fee structure.
  8. Semester fee is due upon commencement of each semester. A late payment charge will be imposed on any overdue fee.
  9. Scholarship will be awarded in tuition fee as per the college norms and college can alter/modify scholarship without any notice.
  10. The policies and fees are correct at the time of printing, and are subject to change without prior notice.
  11. University fee can be directly paid to the University of Bedfordshire. Although University fees are shown in GB pounds, you can also pay for your fees in Nepalese Rupees. We’ll use the exchange rate that applies on the day your registration is processed.
  12. Students are advised to read and understand the prospectus before joining any program at Patan College for Professional Studies. Eligibility documents have to be submitted within the deadline given. Admission will be rejected (without giving any notice) if any student fails to submit the document within given time frame due to any reason & no fee will be refunded in any circumstances.