An interactive seminar was conducted on the premises of Patan College for Professional studies wherein four guests’ speakers spoke about various aspects of potential development that one can achieve as a student.

Our first speaker for the session was Mr. Ravi Kanth Mantha, who has over eighteen years of experience in the investment sector. He is also a portfolio manger and analyst at investment firms in Seattle and London. Besides being an acclaimed author, he is also a leading name in the field of entrepreneurship.

Mr. Mantha started the proceedings for the day with the topic “Diversity of realizing one’s potential”. He apprised us about how young people like us don’t realize our potential and keep ourselves restrained from the skill and knowledge which is why we are unaware of how capable we are. He particularly focused on the motivational part of life and shared about the adversity we come across while establishing ourselves in the field of entrepreneurship which may pull us down, but the key solution is to continue doing what we believe in. Relating to this, he gave an example of a self-established entrepreneur of India; who despite of being blind and ridiculed by all for his disability, successfully built a company that provides employment to more than 700 employees. We learnt that determination and willingness to work in a team to achieve a common goal is key to success. Mr. Mantha ended the talk citing an African quote “if you want to go fast, walk alone, but if you want to go far, walk together”.

The second speaker was Prof. Ujjwal K. Chowdhury, a leading name in the field of media and education. With a wealth of experience encompassing academic stints at reputed educational institutes in India, Prof. Chowdhury enthralled the audience with presentation on how to develop and project oneself as a brand. He presented a powerful session on the topic: “Brand: YOU”. He expatiated about the importance of personal branding which is the art of building a unique brand around yourself as an individual. We understood that personal branding is becoming increasingly important because modern audience tend to trust people more than corporations. We also learnt important points like building trust and loyalty, having our own unique identity and most importantly, having a positive opinion for ourselves is beneficial to develop oneself.

The next speaker for the session was Ms. Saira Shah Halim. Ms. Halim, with over fifteen years of experience in the corporate sector in senior roles in leading multinational companies like Wipro Ltd, Infosys Technology Ltd, Webel informatics Ltd and corporate houses across the country shared her expertise on how effective communication is a major key in training, learning and development for a corporate setting.

Ms. Halim delved upon “Effective communication and its importance in the working arena”. She guided and taught us the ways to enhance our communication skills especially by articulating our ideas though story telling, encouraging people to call out their thoughts, body gestures and having a proper knowledge and content.

The last speaker for the day, Mr. Joy Chaudhary, galvanized the audience with a stirring delivery on “the ability to make the correct choices in life thereby ensuring the desired results”. Mr. Chaudhary has years of experience as a trainer for leadership qualities and emotional intelligence. He made us aware about how our everyday thoughts and actions will eventually shape our future. Mr. Chaudhary recommended us to apprise on the positive aspects of life and suggested to try a different approach, if our initial plans fail but not to stop working on our goals. I was personally inspired when he said “it’s how you react what defines you”.

The session was brought to a close with an interaction wherein we were invited individually to share the takeaways and reiterate key points we learnt from the session. Our queries were properly acknowledged. The dynamic interaction the students had with the speakers reflected the success of the seminar.

For me, the seminar was a great learning opportunity to learn. The life lessons that they taught were all awe-inspiring which made me aware and curious at the same time. I realized that our achievements don’t merely rely on our academic curricula but also living our life with a right attitude and disposition. On behalf of all the students I would like to thank our guest speakers and Patan College for Professional Studies for giving is this wonderful opportunity.


December 11th, Monday

Suman Gautam Level 4, B.Sc. (Hons) in computer science and software engineering