Dear Students,


I’m delighted you are considering studying at the University of Bedfordshire. We are proud to be one of the top universities in the country for improving the student experience.

Our teaching staff are dedicated to building a real partnership with students, encouraging creativity and bringing talent to light.

Working closely with professionals, experts and leaders in their field, our students are supported to find their passion and achieve their ambitions.

We have invested £180 million in recent years on creating state-ofthe-art learning facilities where our students can thrive. University of Bedfordshire students graduate as professionals. We embed employability and entrepreneurship into our curriculum, through practice-based learning, links with industry and business partners, work experience and volunteering opportunities, so you will be at an advantage when you graduate.

The Bedfordshire experience is more than simply a degree. It is a journey towards becoming an independent, entrepreneurial global citizen, fully prepared to meet your future with confidence.

Bill Rammell
Vice-Chancellor, UoB