We, the students of Patan College organized an event “Yomari Purnima Celebration” on the auspicious day of Yomari Punhi. The motive behind th event was to promote our local culture and also act as a medium to bring students as well as teachers from different faculties together.

Yomari Punhi or Yomari Purnima is a typical Newari festival that is observed in full moon days of December. Under Hindu lunar calendar it falls on Margha Sukla Purnima every year. The festival marks the ending of the rice harvest. Yomari is a confession of rice flour that is obtained from the harvest, made into dough, filled with brown cane sugar and sesame seeds or  Khuwa (ricotta-cheese-like dairy) product, shaped like a fish and then steamed. The day is celebrated by worshiping goddess Annapurna (the goddess of prosperity) and sharing and eating yomaris.

The event was planned and organised by the Inter-Cultural Club with the help from other club members as well. Everyone was the informed about this event in advance.  A stall to sell yomari was setup in front of the cafeteria and members of the club volunteered in selling the yomaris. The yomari was bought by the members of club and displayed outside the cafeteria which is the primary location for the students and faculty to get together. All the students along with the faculties and staff tried the delicacy. The volunteers managed to sell all the Yomari’s within an hour of the set up.

Every one enjoyed the delicacy of the yomari including students, teachers and other staff members. Some students and teachers even bought yomaries to take home for their families. Everything was well prepared so, we even bought aluminum foil to   pack yomaries incase it gets cold.

Apart from celebrating the culture, the small event taught us the ecosystem of a business. Right from planning the event, we learnt about identifying the right vendor, setting the stall in a correct location, marketing and selling the product. Implementation of our learning was done very right.

The intercultural club managed to raise a good profit. The profit raised from the selling was deposited to our treasurer for the future use of the club. The support from the college administration, students and teachers helped to make the event a great success which is why it has also become a memorable part of our college life.


December 4th, 2017

Suman Gautam: Level 4, B.Sc (Hons.) Computer Science and Software Engineering