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There may be several reasons why you’d want to pursue a career in business administration. Maybe you’re looking for something easy and interesting to study. Or maybe you grew up in a business family, and their line of work inspired you. Or perhaps you read biographies of business tycoons like Elon Musk and Bill Gates and felt the strong urge to start something of your own. Either way, if you want to leave a mark in the business world, we highly recommend that you kickstart your career with a BBA degree.

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What’s in a BBA degree?

A BBA degree isn’t solely meant to help you land a 9-5 job. You see, a BBA course emphasizes the in-depth knowledge of management and administration through interactive teaching and learning methodologies. In addition, it also helps you develop professional skills such as decision making, quantitative reasoning, and business analysis. Upon the completion of your BBA degree, you’ll be able to capitalize your knowledge of business practices, understand the dynamics behind the marketplace, and learn how to handle global business issues.

Take this scenario for instance. You decide to open a DIY store. You have all of the elements you need – capital, materials and people. However, it takes more than these basic components to successfully operate a business. From maintaining your accounts, managing inventory to making informed decisions, understanding consumer behavior and branding – these are some of the things that you’ll learn when pursuing a BBA degree.

How can a BBA degree help?

Take it this way: If your existing understanding and experience is a sapling, then your BBA degree is that rich layer of topsoil. The topsoil is one of the most important elements that locks and disseminates the necessary nutrients to the sapling for its growth. Similarly, your BBA degree will familiarise you with the essential insight to help you grow.

Here are some other ways in which a BBA course can help you with your career:

  • Business acumen

Simply put: With a BBA degree, you’ll know where to get started – and how. From theoretical learning, projects and internships at reputed organisations to seminars and interactive sessions with top business leaders – a BBA degree will provide you with the perfect platform to explore new avenues. Furthermore, you’ll also get a chance to connect with different business people and build a strong network. This can help you to establish a promising career in business, and leave a bright prospect for future career growth.

  • Diverse and versatile

When it comes to a BBA degree, you’re not merely learning how to balance debit and credit. A BBA course is much more diverse and versatile than you think. It covers a plethora of subjects like Law for Business Managers, Marketing Planning, Financial Accounting, Human Resource Management, Business Research Methods, and Strategic Management, among others. With a BBA degree, you can keep your options open about which sector to work in. Government offices, agencies, construction, garments, distilleries, INGOs – we could name every industry out there, and the list would still fall short.

  • Managerial skills

Simply put: Getting a BBA degree isn’t entirely about the certificate. Today, companies look for a number of managerial skills in professionals. These include imperative skills like critical thinking, collaboration, leadership, time management, and such. The wealth of knowledge you gain during your BBA course will be meaningless if you can’t put them into practice. After all, it’s all about making the most out of your transferable skills through your BBA degree.

Looking for a BBA college in Nepal?

At PCPS College, we’ve got you covered. With top-notch facilities, dedicated faculty and international accreditation, PCPS is one of the best BBA colleges in Nepal. Our BA (Hons) Business Administration is a four-year program meant to achieve both practical skills and conceptual understanding that you’ll need to make your mark in the business world. Our BBA degree is awarded by the University of Bedfordshire, a World Ranked University that has earned a place in the Times Higher Education (THE) annual World University rankings.

To learn more about our BBA course, click here.

Key highlights of the PCPS experience:

  • We have a wealth of top-notch infrastructure and facilities, including spacious and airy classrooms, high-tech computer labs, tutorial rooms for student-module leader interaction, a learning area, a project area, an extensive library, an audio-visual room, group discussion rooms, and recreation centers.
  • Our Training & Placement Cell acts as an interface between the corporate world and the students at PCPS College and enables them to make better and informed career choices. This cell also organizes intensive and comprehensive training, internships, industry projects, guest lectures, and seminars to help our BBA degree graduates get a headstart in their careers.
  • We also provide different scholarships, including Gyandeep and Merit, to the deserving candidates. To know more about the scholarships, click here.

At PCPS College, we take it upon ourselves to help you kickstart your career in the business world with a BBA degree.

For more information, contact us.

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