Month: August 2022

How does excessive screen time affect academic performance?

Screen time and academic performance are recurrent topics of discussion. The most recent research on the consequences of screen time is eagerly awaited by academics, educators, parents, and students alike. What specific effects does too much screen time have on academic performance? Let’s look into it.

BSc. CSIT vs. BSc. (Hons) CS & SE

What do you think is better for your career, BSc. CSIT or BSc. CSSE? BSc. CSIT Tribhuvan University offers the BSc CSIT (BSc Computer Science and Information Technology) curriculum as a four-year degree program (TU). Two computer-related courses were combined to create the CSIT syllabus. The

Why are internships important in your bachelor’s program?

The main objective of higher education generally is to give students the best possible preparation for success in their future employment. While enduring a certain amount of academic rigor and acquiring valuable life skills can be seen as significant components of professional preparation that students acquire