5 Tips to balance the work and study life

How do you manage your time between work, school, and family? Are you constantly stressed because of deadlines or exams? Does it seem impossible to focus on both at once? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might benefit from using your smartphone to organize your day. In this article, we share five simple tips to help you balance work and study.

Create a Schedule

Creating a schedule makes it easier to keep yourself focused on tasks that require your full attention. A schedule also forces you to do things when they need to be done instead of procrastinating and postponing them until later in the day, which ultimately won’t yield positive results. In addition, scheduling breaks throughout your day (like lunch, recess, etc.) boosts productivity and reduces the likelihood of feeling overwhelmed. For example, if you have three hours of homework, set aside 15 minutes a few times throughout the day to complete that homework. By doing this, you’ll save yourself time and effort at home rather than stressing about finishing your homework right away.


It’s no secret that sleep is extremely valuable to our physical and mental well-being. When we don’t get enough sleep, it takes a toll on our bodies, minds, and moods. Studies show that lack of sleep not only affects your performance at school but also increases your risk of depression. So if you’re struggling with getting enough shut-eye, consider taking some time each week specifically for relaxation and recharging.

Eat a balanced diet

Eating nutritious food helps keep your brain alert and sharp. You should eat every 2-3 hours throughout the day rather than trying to cram all of your meals into one sitting. Eating breakfast first thing in the morning gives your body enough fuel to last until lunch, while eating dinner later in the evening keeps blood sugar levels steady when you start studying. Also, make sure to drink eight glasses of water each day!


Exercising helps you learn how to manage the demands of schoolwork along with other activities in your day. Physical exercise has been shown to improve concentration span and reduce anxiety. Additionally, research shows that regular exercise reduces anxiety and depression symptoms in teens. If you’d like to incorporate activity into your daily routine, try joining a sports team, participating in class field trips, or working out after school.

Stay Organized

If you struggle with staying organized in all aspects of your life, including schoolwork, chores, homework, and studying, consider organizing assignments ahead of time. Keep track of due dates and deadlines so you can stay focused throughout the year. You can even create weekly plans using planners or calendars to help you stay organized and on top of everything before it becomes overwhelming.

In fact, we live in a busy society where everyone has their own priorities in mind. For some, studying is the main priority, while for others, working takes precedence over everything else. When you become overwhelmed and don’t know how to prioritize, you may miss out on important things. If you have any queries and are getting confused about managing your time, PCPS college is always at your service.

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