A Cycling Trip to “The White House View Point”

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The students of Patan College for Professional Studies believe, exploring and learning is the ultimate essence of student’s life. Participating in sports, ECA, CCA, outings open the scope for practical knowledge and enhances freedom.

Suman Gautam a participant and student of PCPS describes cycling as “the feeling when all your facial muscle stretching to carve that huge curve in your face”.
The taste of freedom and thrill attracts everyone who desire to fly freely, to taste the sense of an adventure, the students of the Social club at PCPS organized a cycling trip to the “Whitehouse viewpoint”.

The students booked the cycles for the trip few days before and on Saturday morning they all gathered in the college premises, in kupondole to choose their ride and gear up. Then at around 7:00am the students started pedaling towards their journey. The first stop of the journey was at historic site of ‘Tau Daha’. The Taudaha Lake is believed to be a remnant pool of the huge lake that once existed where now the city of Kathmandu sits. According to mythology, a Buddhist mythical character Manjushree cut the hill in the valley’s south, allowing the lake’s water to drain off, thereby creating land that was duly occupied by people. Folklore suggests that that “cut” in the hill is the Chobar Gorge, a narrow passage from which the Bagmati River exits the Kathmandu Valley. After the water of the ancient lake drained away, a few small lakes and ponds were created beyond the hills. Taudaha is believed to be one of those ponds.When the lake was drained, countless nagas, mythological creatures that were half human and half serpent, were left homeless. This made the Naga King Karkotak livid. In order to allay his wrath, the locals living near Taudaha built an underwater palace, studded with precious stones and riches beyond imagination. The Serpent King was pleased and ruled his serpent subjects in their underwater kingdom. The king also promised to protect the humans living around the lake, on the condition that the tranquility of his water abode never be disrupted. It is due to this that even today locals do not swim or fish in the lake. Many of the students visited the place for the first time and were mesmerized by the breathtaking natural beauty.

Students left ‘Tau Daha’ at approx 8:15 towards our final destination which was an uphill terrain. They had to make many small stops alongside. Though because of the frequent stops, it took the students a lot of time to gain momentum, however on the brighter side it gave them a lot of memories and time to catch up.Pulling their bikes and pushing their limits, they all finally reached their destination. The eye-widening view of the kathmandu valley was just gorgeous and relaxing. It took two hours to climb all the way up. Then at approx 3:00 pm they all started packing to go back. And after clicking their last photo on the hill together, all waved goodbye to one of the memorable places they had ever been.

The author is Suman Gautam a student of Computer Science and Software Engineering Level 5 at PCPS.

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