About BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT:

BCS is the industry body for IT professionals and a chartered engineering institution for Information Technology (IT). With member in over 100 countries around the world, the BCS is the leading professional and learned society in the field of computers and information systems. BCS was granted a royal charter by the Privy Council (UK) in 1984.

Why BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT?

Your performance in the technology industry places you at the very heart of our royal charter. You’re actively driving up standards of professional competence, conduct and ethical practice in the industry, for the benefit of society. Gain international certification and industry-relevant skills for a career you can take worldwide. Patan College for Professional Studies (PCPS College) is an authorised training partner of BCS.

BCS Certificate in IT provides essential education for any budding IT professional, delivering core knowledge across three mandatory modules. The Certificate in IT is for students looking to build a solid foundation for a career in IT and computing. The Certificate level focuses on three core modules.

  • Information systems
  • Software development
  • Computer and network technology

The Diploma in IT comprises a core module and three modules which you select from a range of subjects, such as IT project management and software engineering. If you’re not progressing to the Professional Graduate Diploma in IT, you’ll also be required to complete a professional IT project as part of your Diploma in IT.

A core module and three selected modules allowing you to tailor your learning.

Core module

  • Professional issues in IS practice

Selected modules (choose three)

  • Computer networks
  • Database systems
  • IT project management
  • Object-oriented programming systems
  • Systems analysis and design
  • Principles of internet technologies
  • Software engineering (part 1)

Prepare for a rewarding career in technology by developing specialist degree-level knowledge and practical skills aligned with your chosen field of IT. The Professional Graduate Diploma in IT is for students who are dedicated to working in the IT industry and are looking to gain depth of knowledge and expertise To achieve the Professional Graduate Diploma in IT, you need to complete four modules, selected by you to suit your chosen career path and a professional IT project.

Selected modules (choose four)

  • Advanced database management systems
  • Management information systems
  • Software engineering (part 2)
  • Computer services management
  • Network information systems
  • Programming paradigms
  • System design methods
  • Web engineering
  • IT and the environment

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