Chairman Jalan Awarded with ICT Award 2022

Mr. Pankaj Jalan, Chairman of the Lord Buddha Education Foundation, has been awarded the National ICT Excellence Award 2022. The government presented the award with a monetary prize of Rs. 1 lakh on May 3rd.

Pankaj Jalan established an IT college in Nepal 23 years ago after realizing the need for one. Over 10,000 women have benefited from his computer education and training to date. Since its inception in 1998, LBEF has produced approximately 10,000 IT professionals.

Additionally, the foundation awards scholarships to hundreds of students for IT study in partnership with the CAN Federation,┬áNepal Chamber of Commerce, and other organizations. PCPS was also formed under Jalan’s direction to provide information technology education that results in high-quality, modern technologies.

Over the last 23 years, Jalan has made important contributions to the social and information technology sectors. He founded the International Association of Education Providers and has held senior roles in the Nepal Chamber of Commerce and the CAN Federation.

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