BBA Business Administration (Topup)

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BBA Business Administration (Topup) is a one-year top-up course for students who have a Foundation degree or HND equivalent.

This final year course provides students who want to develop their management and business-planning knowledge and skills with an advanced, practical business education.

It supports entry and progression in management careers in industry, commerce or the public sector and provides access to Masters and professional courses in specific are as such as Finance, HRM and marketing.

BBA Business Administration (Topup) course aims to deliver conceptual propositions and skills related to:

  • a range of business models, ideas and managerial techniques
  • a number of management theories relevant to different functions of the business
  • a range of suitable examples and contexts to assist you in operating in different business environments.
  • the opportunity to expand upon theoretical constructs into the application of knowledge and its practical implications for the business as a going concern.

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Why BBA Administration(Topup)

  • Learn in a supportive environment.
  • Study advanced topics in business, including research methods, strategic management and applied e-Business, with additional study options in marketing and financial management or English language
  • Develop your knowledge of management and business concepts, skills and practice
  • Gain access to Masters courses in Finance, HRM and Marketing, and/or professional qualifications, eg Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), Chartered Management Institute (CMI), CIPD, ACCA, CIMA
  • Benefit from support from the Business School and the careers department, with opportunities to attend careers conferences and meet local and national employers

Entry Requirements

The criteria required for entry into the Top-up Programme (Level 6) are as follows:

  • This course is for applicants with a related Foundation Degree or Higher Education qualification wishing to top up to the full BA/BSc degree.
  • This is a level 6 top-up programme designed for students coming directly in to the final year of a degree programme. Students will be expected to have completed some business-related course at Level 5.
  • A relevent level 5 qualification or equivalent from a recognized HE institution.
  • Further supporting infromation may be taken into consideration and assessed on a case by case basis.

Distinctive Features

The course has been designed to develop graduates who are able to:

  • Perform in an organization effectively with an intelligent pro-active mind-set in a project involving people from different functions in the organization
  • Be able to network purposefully with stakeholders, external and internal and enhance the success of initiatives within the organization.
  • Show initiative and enterprise in implementing new ideas and technologies in the face of external uncertainty. To have the ability to engage effectively and appropriately, both orally and in writing, with a variety of audiences to analyze a situation to formulate a considered and reflective opinion and to make reasoned and informed recommendations.
  • Work independently on defined business problems, suggest appropriate courses of action and evaluate contingent outcomes.
  • Participate in major projects as an effective team member applying specific business skills and techniques creatively.

Career/Future Oppourtunities

  • On completing this BBA Business Administration course you are likely to progress to a career in one of a wide variety of industries.
  • Our aim is to produce individuals with practical skills who understand the demands and requirements of the commercial world. For example, the Strategic Management unit will provide you with significant analytical techniques which you will be able to use to evaluate a wide variety of business situations and the dissertation element will develop personal skills of organisation, analysis, report writing and presentation – all of which are invaluable in any chosen career path.
  • This course prepares you for the world of work and you will find that you can easily fit into a wide variety of tasks and organisations. Equally, you could decide that you wish to continue your studies with a Business-related MSc at the University of Bedfordshire in order to deepen and enhance your knowledge.


Course Structures

The Units which make up the course are:

Unit Code Level Credits Unit Name Core/Option
BSS064-3 6 30 New Advancements in Business Core
SHR016-3 6 30 Strategic Management for Business Core
BSS056-3 6 30 Management and Administration of Projects and Operations Option
MAR034-3 6 30 Global Marketing Strategy Option
AAF040-3 6 30 Business Finance Option


How will I be addressed?

Level 6

  • Written Exam and Assessments : 100%
  • Practical Exam : 0%

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