BBA Business Administration

About Course

BBA Business Administration is targeted towards achieving both practical skills and conceptual understanding required for administration and management functions within a host of organizations. It provides a broad understanding of the role and function of both management and administration under a range of operating conditions and as such builds for you a contextual and conceptual of the organization as it responds to ever changing conditions. All the basic functional areas that are deemed to comprise the business discipline – Marketing, Operations, Information Systems, Finance, HRM, Business Policy and Strategy and Change, Economics, Law and Contemporary Issues – are examined over the duration of the course and in the context of contemporary change.

The course BBA Business Administration aims to deliver conceptual propositions and skills related to:

  • a range of business models, ideas and managerial techniques
  • a number of management theories relevant to different functions of the business
  • a range of suitable examples and contexts to assist you in operating in different business environments.
  • the opportunity to expand upon theoretical constructs into the application of knowledge and its practical implications for the business as a going concern.


Corporate Readiness Program

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WHY BBA Business Administration?

  • Class sizes are small that enables one to one attention and peer learning. Teaching pedagogy focuses on multidimensional learning approach through lectures, seminars and workshops, plus group projects, research exercises, presentations and case study analyses.
  • Learning of essential components of business administration including marketing, financial and management accounting, human resource management, project management, business law, Intercultural Competencies and economics.
  • Develop an entrepreneurial mindset with help of units focusing on leadership of business ventures, new advances in business that enhances understanding of organization and practical skills to attract new employees, retain or to start a new venture of your own.
  • The degree not only opens career access in general management roles, it aids in specialist areas of human resources, e-business, global marketing.
  • This course is a foundation for further academic progression into postgraduate/professional degree.


Entry Requirements

The basic criteria required for entry to the courses are listed as follows:

The applicants should have any of the following:

  • Successfully pass Plus 2 with minimum 55% in Grade XII and minimum D+ in individual subject
  • OR 2 A level passes (with minimum C and D Grades)
  • OR Successfully complete Foundation year (from a recognized university or HE institution)

English language requirements are as follows :

  • IELTS overall score of 6.0 with minimum 5.5 in each element
  • OR Nepalese High School 12th English minimum 60%

Distinctive Features

  • Perform in an organization effectively with an intelligent pro-active mind-set in a project involving people from different functions in the organization
  • Be able to network purposefully with stakeholders, external and internal and enhance the success of initiatives within the organization.
  • Show initiative and enterprise in implementing new ideas and technologies in the face of external uncertainty. To have the ability to engage effectively and appropriately, both orally and in writing, with a variety of audiences to analyze a situation to formulate a considered and reflective opinion and to make reasoned and informed recommendations.
  • Work independently on defined business problems, suggest appropriate courses of action and evaluate contingent outcomes.
  • Participate in major projects as an effective team member applying specific business skills and techniques creatively.


Career/Future Opportunities

  • Enter the world of business including Finance, Marketing and Operations and Project Management. Many students may work for large multinational organisations but increasingly prefer smaller organisations where there are opportunities to work across a number of functional areas.
  • BBA Business Administration focuses on effective and efficient management of human resource and business process in organizations that are categorized under large, medium and small. The course enables to develop your ability to apply theories in organizational setting and situations, resulting in professional outlook that are valued by employers.
  • Further study: Post-graduate study such as Masters course in Business Administration, Business Management and Human Resource Management. Professional courses like ACCA, CIMA, CMI, CIPD, APM, Research degrees.
  • This course prepares you from cultural and organizational aspect both opening the doorway to career opportunities in home country and beyond.

Course Structure

Unit Code Level Credits Unit Name Core/Option
AAF016-1 4 15 Accounting for Business Core
BBS003-1 4 30 Foundations of Business Communications Core
BBS013-1 4 30 Foundations of Business Management Core
MAR013-1 4 15 Intercultural Competence in Business Core
LAW011-1 4 15 Law for Business Managers Core
MAR001-1 4 15 Principles of Marketing Core
SHR018-2 5 30 Human Resource Management Core
AAF037-2 5 15 Managerial Accounting and Finance Option
MAR002-2 5 15 Marketing Planning Option
BIS017-2 5 15 Sustainable Business Management Option
MAR015-2 5 15 Intercultural Management in Business Option
BSS018-2 5 30 Leadership and Entrepreneurship of Business Ventures Core
AAF036-2 5 30 Economics for Business Core
BSS064-3 6 30 New Advancements in Business Core
SHR016-3 6 30 Strategic Management for Business Core
BSS056-3 6 30 Management and Administration of Projects and Operations Option
MAR034-3 6 30 Global Marketing Strategy Option
AAF040-3 6 30 Business Finance Option

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