DRUG ABUSE AND GEN Z – Sarthak Tibrewal

The United Nations established International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking to promote awareness of drug abuse and the illicit drug trade. Since 1989, it has been commemorated yearly on June 26. Lin Zexu’s deconstruction of the opium trade in Humen, Guangdong, which ended just before China’s First Opium War, is commemorated on June 26. On December 7, 1987, General Assembly Resolution 42/112 established the observance. 

The major purpose of this day is to save lives by putting an end to drug usage and illicit drug trafficking. The better-educated individuals are on this subject, the more likely they are to pick a healthier route and renounce this destructive habit in favor of life. According to the United Nations, this is sponsored every year by many organizations, communities, and individuals all across the world. And the primary goal is to increase awareness of the serious threat that illegal drugs pose to society. 

Drugs may wreck people’s life. They have the power to wreck innocent, naive lives, thus this year’s theme is “Share Drug Facts, Save Lives.” The topic is intended to educate people about this issue and prevent individuals from falling into this dangerous trap. Nearly half of college students take illegal drugs, which is harmful since students are young and innocent; they have their entire lives ahead of them but waste them by not understanding the consequences of drug usage. Children and teens who use alcohol and drugs are more likely to have a substance abuse issue than adults. It will be difficult to give up drugs as an adolescent if you believe you will do so later. Substance misuse and depression are clearly linked. Substance misuse among teenagers may be fatal. According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), World Drug Report 2020, 269 million individuals used drugs globally in 2018, 30% higher than in 2009, and 35 million people are predicted to suffer from drug use disorders. 

On this International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, I applaud all those fighting at the grassroots level to eradicate the drug epidemic from our society. Every endeavor to save a life is critical. After all, narcotics bring darkness, ruin, and devastation with them. This will be done to counteract misinformation and promote the exchange of medication facts. Also, to raise knowledge of evidence-based prevention, health dangers, and potential solutions to the global issue, treatment, and care. People all throughout the world are in desperate need, from war zones to refugee camps to communities ripped apart by violence. A pandemic, a climate catastrophe, a food crisis, an energy crisis, and supply chain disruptions have all exacerbated misery and pushed the world into recession. On this World Drug Day, let us address present and growing international drug concerns arising from crisis circumstances. UNODC continues to advocate for the right to health for the most vulnerable, including children, youth, people who use drugs, people with abuse disorders, and people who require controlled access to medicines. 

UNODC’s #CareInCrises campaign urges governments, international organizations, civil society, and all stakeholders to take action to protect people, including by strengthening drug use prevention and treatment and curbing illegal drug supply. 

Sarthak is currently studying at PCPS.

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