Free Mic Club

Free Mic is an open platform for all the enthusiasts who are seeking for an opportunity to express their emotion and all their unexpressed feeling. Free Mic is specially an emotional program rather than a talent hunt show. Participants can express anything they would like under the college’s law. Formal mic programs in front of a crowd were generally held either for a debate or some poetry fair. However, the Free Mic will not only focus on poetry and academic stuffs but has a strategy for upbringing all the mic artists ranging from beginner to professionals.

Apart from poetry and literature, this event will also focus on stand-up comedy, storytelling, inspirational speech and acoustic music. It will be a recreational platform which will make the audience as well as all the participating members feel joy and motivated at the same time.

Free Mic is a way to present people with freedom to deliver their words in front of a mass. The platform tries to drag the student and faculty members from their monotonous schedule and provide storytelling with laugh of standup comedy, whisker of poetry and smooth acoustic music under one platform. The Free Mic however will fully be focused on connecting people with all its form of mic art.

Also, speakers and mentors will also be invited to pour their knowledge in front of the audience for a valuable and great lesson for life and the necessary topics.

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