Fundamentals in BBA

Among bachelor’s degrees, the Bachelor of Business Administration, or BBA, is one of the most widely accepted. The management of a business, enterprise, or organization is the focus of this degree program. You will learn skills, in-depth business knowledge, and all the complex aspects of operating a business. BBA is one of the top professional degrees and a favorite among high school graduates. Let’s discuss some of the many subjects you’ll explore during your course of study.

Foundations of Business Management

The concepts, processes, and ideas necessary for management analysis and decision-making are introduced in this course. It places a strong emphasis on planning, organizing, influencing, and regulating the internal and external environments successfully as well as on issues of ethics and social responsibility.

Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management is one of the key BBA courses since it takes a strategic approach to managing a company’s people, resources, and other needs. A human resource manager plays a critical role in managing an organization’s foundation and smoothing employer-employee interactions.

Business Communications

The goals of this course are to expose students to the vocabulary and concepts used in books, newspapers, and magazine articles about business and economics; to improve students’ comprehension of management texts; to improve students’ listening abilities in the management fields, and to give students the chance to express management concepts.

Business Economics

Business economics is an area of applied economics that focuses on the issues that businesses have with money, organizations, markets, and the environment. Topics including scarcity, product factors, distribution, and consumption are covered in business economics.

Principles of Marketing

It aims to enhance students’ knowledge of the concepts and process of marketing. Through this course, students get the skillsets to create marketing plans. The operation of the marketing function in a fast-paced environment is the primary concern of this course.

Business Law

This course aims to increase students’ knowledge of the fundamental business laws necessary for managing business operations effectively.

Business Finance

The course’s goal is to offer knowledge and abilities relating to spending, insurance, investments, cost accounting, corporate strategy, and international finance. It is based on the principles of basic courses in finance, management, and related fields.

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