New Year 2075 Celebrations at PCPS

New Year 2075 Celebrations at PCPS

With great excitement and enthusiasm PCPS welcomed the year 2075 at it ‘s premises.

The commencement ceremony started with welcoming of chief guest , Er. Pankaj Jalan., Chairman LBEF Group Of Institutions.

In his short speech he encouraged students and staff members to make New Year resolutions and walk towards fulfilling it.




Dr. Rajeev Chettri, Campus Chief of PCPS in his welcome speech focused on perseverance, hard work and to take learning as fun.




The students performed traditional group dance with matching attire on a folk dance as the first event.

The informal session commenced with treasure hunt whereby team of 5 students had to look for cues, which were hidden alongside the

premises. The decryption of cues required qr scanner, solving a mathematical formula, reading a article in a newspaper, finding a designated room etc. The winners were awarded with movie tickets.

Other indoor activities like riddle solving, karaoke competition, water pong, passing the parcel were also the part of the mega event.

One of the major attractions and students favourite competition was momo challenge whereby students were marked on a 30 sec count for the first round, 20 sec for the second round and 15 sec for the third round.

The winner Susan Tamrakar won the title with eating 11 momos in 30 sec, 8 momos in 20 and 8 momos in 15 sec. Sinka a fast food restaurant located in kumaripati, Mahalaxmisthan, sponsored the momos for the event.

The event was organized by the Intercultural Club of PCPS, led by Neha Shrestha, student of BBA level 4.

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