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Event: Sports Week

Date :April 16, 2019

Basketball Tournament.

During day, the final of Girls’ Basketball Tournament was held, where Girls’ TEAM-A secured winner place defeating Girls’ TEAM-B. The score was 12-0. For the winning team Prizma Tamrakar of Level 5(BSc Computer Science &Software engineering) scored 8 points, Nisha Oli of Level -4 (BSc Computer Science &Software engineering) scored 2 points and Simran Agrawal of Level-4 (BBA) scored 2 points.

Boys’ Basketball Tournament Semi-finals and final were played. In semi-final, first Level-4 (BSc) team faced Level-5 “B” (BSc) team. Level-5 “B” secured final position by winning the game with final score of 19-11 points. For winning team Bhagawan Bhatta grabbed 10 points, Kumod Khadka(C) added 5 points and Saroj Chapagain added 4 points. For level-4(BSc) Pratyush Parajauli scored 5 points, Subarna Shrestha scored 4 points and Dilip Tamang added 2 points for team.

In second Semi- Final game, Level-5 “A” (BSc) faced and defeated Level-6 (BSc) team, with final score of 24-12. For winning team (Level-5 ‘A” (BSc)), Anup Gautam scored 15 points, Susan Tamrakar scored 6 points and Prajwal Thapa added 3 points. For Level-6 (Bsc) Saujan Aryal scored 5 points, Aashish Thapa scored 3 points, Aayush Maharjan got 2 points and Sushant Thapa added 2 points.

In final of Basketball Tournament 2019 Level-5 “A” (BSc) faced Level-5 “B” (BSc). Level-5 “A” won the tournament defeating Level-5 “B” with the final score of 28-11 points. For winning team Rajesh Rai(C) scored 6 points, Anup Gautam scored 6 points, Suman Gautam scored 6 points, Sanil Shrestha added 4 points, Susan Tamrakar added 4 points and Prajwal Thapa added 2 points for victory. For Runner-up team, Saroj Chapagain scored 5 points, Lokindra Dangi scored 4 points and Kumod Khadka(C) added 2 points.

The tournament was joyful and interesting.

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