Why choose PCPS College?

More than 300,000 students are enrolled in various foreign universities, according to the Nepal Education, Science, and Technology Ministry. Girman Thapa, Chief of the Foreign Education Department, announces that 323,972 Nepali students have applied for permission to study abroad. This has occurred as a result of a lack of opportunities for students in Nepal. Because there are few institutions and colleges that offer international-level education, students travel abroad in search of such opportunities. PCPS is located in Kandevsthan, Lalitpur providing wonderful education within British culture.

So, why should students select PCPS over an international school? Your answers will be listed below.

  • You will have the same experience at PCPS as you would at the University of Bedfordshire (UoB) in the United Kingdom.

  • Hands-on experiences are emphasized in our classes, which UoB-trained and directed lecturers teach. PCPS employs full-time professors who are accessible to provide further assistance to all students.

  • At PCPS, students have full access to the University of British Columbia’s online library and services.
  • Students will have the opportunity to visit the E-library, which is a modern learning resource center.

  • A UoB lecturer visits on a regular basis for several curricular programs.

  • Students at PCPS benefit from regular guest lectures from all over the world.

  • UoB is in charge of all assessments.
  • Credits can be transferred to other institutions, allowing students to continue their education even if they move to colleges or study overseas.

  • PCPS offers a variety of placement options for students.

  • For the convenience of students, modern and advanced classrooms are offered.

  • There is free internet access via Wi-Fi.

  • Industrial visits are undertaken on a regular basis for exposure.

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