Why study BBA?

The moment you finish high school, there are several forces thatĀ 

are pulling you, it is generally a confusing but critical moment as an informed decision is required to be made from you that will determine future prospects.

Choosing your stream of focus area after grade 10 and 12 is a difficult choice to make. With the traditional areas of medicine, law and engineering are among the choices of few, likewise some would choose computers or management programs.

The field of management has been popular due to its versatility of job prospects, job market always have room for individuals with professionalism. However, only an undergraduate degree from a globally ranked college in Business Administration can open doors for specialized as well as general management roles.

Some of the perspective jobs after BBA

  • Accountant
  • Financial Advisor
  • Marketer
  • Commodities Trader
  • Human Resource
  • Loan officers
  • Managers
  • Entrepreneur.

BBA is believed to be the foundation for learners who are seeking career in business or corporate job market as it helps to understand and develop management processes and objectives in learners in a shorter time frame.

The other business areas that are focused on during this course are leadership, critical thinking and profitable decision-making.
For a dynamic manager to operate in globally competitive business landscape, the courses like business law, intercultural competencies in business, entrepreneurship and leadership of business ventures, business research methods and corporate finance helps enhance their capabilities.

With the successful completion of the course one can easily find a lucrative job opportunities in local as well as global market as the learners will be able to understand the dynamics of an organization and their interconnections.
The wider scope of job opportunity available makes the BBA a perfect business decision that ensures more ROI for lesser investment.

The objective of Management Studies is to understand and equip the learners with organizational and managerial skills required to get people working together in achieving desired outcome, utilizing the available resources efficiently and effectively.

Bachelor of Business Administration is a professional degree that blends liberal arts and business administration courses. BBA is a highly specialized course focusing on general as well as concentrations on management functional areas.

The course helps the learners to develop and enhance their managerial & communication skills and business decision-making capabilities throughout the duration of their course. The course requirement are met through globally designed and updated curriculum, business analysis, marketing planning, financial analysis, strategic analysis, case studies, presentations, interactions with experts and industrial visits.

Not all BBA curriculum are designed and updated as per the job requirement of global standards, which is why the perspective learners have to be very careful in choosing the right college and university.

The University of Bedfordshire is ranked in 601-800th World University ranking by Times Higher Education and has recently been awarded as 151-200th in young university rankings 2018.

The author “Saurav Satyal” isĀ  Head of Department for School of Business at Patan College for Professional Studies an Academic Partner for University of Bedfordshire, UK.

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