How To Choose The Best BBA College in Nepal?

bba college in nepal

Once you’re done with high school, you might think that the hardest part is deciding which course to pursue. In this case, you chose BBA – step one is completed. Well, brace yourself, because when it comes to selecting a BBA college in Nepal, there’s plenty of fish in the sea. With the hundreds of colleges providing different varieties of BBA programmes, choosing the best BBA college in Nepal can be overwhelming.


Worry not, we’re here to help. Here’s a list of things that you should consider when choosing the best BBA college in Nepal:

● Curriculum

Sure, college life is all about having fun, but it’s also important not to lose track of your career path. That’s why you need to choose a college that offers a course which is versatile, engaging and relevant to the global business context. Dig more into the curriculum of the BBA college in Nepal that you think is best suited for you. Ask yourself a bunch of questions.

Does the college offer subjects that you want to study? Does the curriculum offer elective courses that you’d like to take? Does it offer the subjects that you’re really interested in? Maybe you want to complement your major in finance with a marketing course. In this case, the BBA college in Nepal you select should have the flexibility of accommodating this. Thus, before you choose a BBA college in Nepal, ensure that the curriculum aligns with your priorities.

● The reputation of the degree and the programme

Here’s a question: If you had to pick between a pair of original Nike shoes, or some off-brand knock-off, which one would you wear? You’d undoubtedly select the authentic Nike’s. The case is similar when it comes to choosing a BBA college in Nepal. If you want to make the best out of your degree, then you should choose a renowned BBA college in Nepal – one that offers a reputed degree.

Now you might ask, “How do I assess the reputation of a degree offered by a BBA college in Nepal?” One of the best ways is to consider the credibility of its affiliated university. For instance, recognised by Tribhuvan University, Patan College For Professional Studies (PCPS) is affiliated to the University of Bedfordshire, which has been accredited by The Quality Assurance often rated as having good prospects for work or further studies. That’s why it is more than a great degree.

● Internship and placement

Do you ever look up cooking recipes, note down all the minor details, but when it comes actually to cook the dish, you end up burning the house down? This is what happens when you do not have the experience you need to bring your knowledge to fruition. The same goes for a BBA degree – when you select the best BBA college in Nepal, you need to ensure that it prioritises experiential learning. Remember that your BBA should give you some meaningful exposure, and help you develop practical and professional skills.

On this note, the best BBA college in Nepal also administers excellent placement opportunities for its graduates. Many colleges organise intensive and comprehensive training for their students to complement their curriculum. Thus, it is very important that you study at a BBA college in Nepal that runs a successful training & placement cell, and has a strong connection with esteemed businesses. At PCPS we have dedicated training and placement cell, and we also provide 50+ online training programmes to make our graduates’ industry-ready.


● Alumni network

A major aspect that makes your undergraduate journey worthwhile isn’t just the experience – but also the people you connect with. You see, an alumni network works as a diary of professional contacts. That’s why it’s important to enrol in a BBA college in Nepal with an extensive alumni network. Maybe you need to get a foot in the door for your next job. Or maybe you want to check if a particular company is the right fit for you. Or perhaps you want to start your own business and need to know your way around the market. Whatever the reason may be, with a strong alumni network, you can create a connection with highly influential people and leverage it to progress in your career.



Choosing the right BBA college in Nepal can be a tough decision to make – especially with your personal goals and career on the line. At Patan College for Professional Studies (PCPS), we offer the next best alternative for Nepalese students who want to obtain a globally recognised British degree in Nepal. The BBA degree is awarded by the University of Bedfordshire, which is one of the oldest and reputed universities in the UK.

PCPS, as a reputed BBA college in Nepal, our course aims to deliver conceptual propositions and skills related to a range of business models, ideas and managerial techniques. In addition, we also foster the creation of experience among our students. For this purpose, we have a Training & Placement Cell, which acts as an interface between the corporate world and the students at Patan College, and enables the students to make better and informed career choices.

For more information, visit our website, or contact us.

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