Seminar Series – Entrepreneurship

Under the ongoing PCPS-Seminar Series, A guest lecture on “Entrepreneurship” was organized for the students of BBA and Bsc(Hons) CS & SE Students on Thursday March 28, 2019. The resource person for the same was Mr. Anand Tuladhar , Managing Director at The Bluebird Mall.

He is an accomplished coach, personal trainer and a lecturer, who loves the process of teaching and learning. He recounted his personal experience of his foray in the field of entrepreneurship and management.

In his highly motivating talk , he highlighted the various aspects of entrepreneurship and the skills required for a good entrepreneur.

He made the students clear on myths and doubts on ‘Entrepreneurship’ and gave his clarification on his definition too. Mr. Tuladhar embarked on the fact that entrepreneurship is more about setting the mindset. He also clarified the fact that all the entrepreneurs focus on solving a problem and follow their passion rather than running after money.

He also stated that the businesses that thrive are only those that solves the problems of people or community. On being asked what made a entrepreneur a successful person he replied with a simple yet deep answer,

“entrepreneurs are disciplined and passionate about their work”.

The lecture ended up with a ‘Token of Love” provided to Mr. Anand Tuladhar by Prakash Kumar Sir,the Executive Director of LBEF Group of Institutions and all the students thanking Mr. Tuladhar for his precious advice and teachings.

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