Workshop On Stress Management

Recently, there has been a huge interest and awareness on wellness and health promotion programs. Companies and institutions are often seeking the programs for the overall benefit and motivation of the staffs. As organizational stress might directly impact on employees’ productivity, stress management program supposedly create positive impacts on overall performances of the employees. With these motif LBEF group of institutions organized Stress Management Workshop to the faculties of schools and colleges of Kathmandu valley.

The program was organized on 20th April 2019 and was facilitated by Dr. Pawan Sharma (MD, AIIMS) and Mr. Anup Raj Bhandari (Clinical Psychologist). 21 participants from 4 different colleges/schools participated in the program. The program officially began with a formal round of introduction followed by brief introduction about mental health and bio-psycho-social model of mental illness. The major content of programs were: introduction to stress, stress management, Mind body relation, stress management techniques and relaxation exercises. Clinical part of the program was facilitated by Dr. Sharma whereas the skills and techniques to stress management was handled by Mr. Bhandari. The program started at 11:30 am and ended at 3:00 pm where one hour lunch break was provided to participants from 1:00pm -2:00 pm. The program formally ended with vote of thanks and certificate distribution by Chairperson of Lord Buddha Group of Institutions, Er. Pankaj Jalan.

The effectiveness of the program is yet to be measured in larger dimensions but if individual responses are to be taken into consideration, it has created positive impacts on the stress management of the participants. The participants were willing to scale up the program and conduct one in their organization as well. As per their suggestions, LBEF group of institutions has planned to conduct similar programs on three different phases to the faculties of other institutions as well. The next phase of the program will be conducted on 1st May where other 5 colleges/schools of the Kathmandu valley will be targeted. We hope that our motive of creating a quality workforce and delivering good education can be achieved by the program of this kind.

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