Month: March 2018

Sports Club

This sports club is a club of fun, but along with fun we aim for being best. In the sports we follow three things (Passion, Hardwork and Teamwork). But unfortunately, these days people are using technology and various gadgets more which leads in physical inactiveness. So,

IT Club

PCPS IT club primarily aims to bridge the gap that exists between the students at the college and IT industry. Different kinds opportunities are provided to the students like: It workshops Networking and industry events Social and Quiz nights Hackathons We not only aim to target

Social Service Club

PCPS Social Service Club is an in-house organization where serving the community comes first by doing charity works, donation, managing events to give the community back and spread happiness. The key objective of Social Service Club is to make the students aware about the social responsibilities

Free Mic Club

Free Mic is an open platform for all the enthusiasts who are seeking for an opportunity to express their emotion and all their unexpressed feeling. Free Mic is specially an emotional program rather than a talent hunt show. Participants can express anything they would like under

Intercultural Club

The intercultural club meets weekly to plan activities and events of different festivals which involves more than one culture. The main aim of this club is to understand the customers and beliefs of different culture, network and socialize with people from different ethnical background, share each

Safety riding awareness program

Safety riding has become an utmost important issue especially when we see increasing number of accidents happening everyday especially to the young people who are mostly the college students. Therefore, to make the students of Patan College for Professional Studies more mindful on the road while

On the occasion of Women’s Day

The members of social club of PCPS celebrated international woman’s day by donating 57 sarees to “Hatti Hatti” organization who will recycle and reuse those sarees by converting them into kimonos, bow tie, bag etc. All the sarees were donated by the students of Patan College

Valentine’s Day Celebration at PCPS

On 14th of February Patan College family celebrated love with the ecstatic decorations, dance and lots of interesting games; furthermore spreading love across campus by exchanging gifts and flowers. This event was organized by the intercultural club for the purpose of sharing love between friends, students