Your Passion or Your Career!

Picking up the right career for oneself has always been a big question for every individual. And as far as being a student one always try to select the career that offers opportunities. But if we see, ultimate success relies on the decision where you follow your passion. However, still, most of them are in a dilemma: Passion or Career?

If we see, most of the youths are more dependent on their peers or parents when it comes to choosing their career. Let’s say they graduate in that particular subject. But are they even aware of what fulfills their life’s purpose? And now as they graduated, what’s next?

We all are well known for the quote given by Opra Wifey, “Follow Your Passion”.  This statement has also clearly explained that following one’s own passion is surely gonna lead them to their ultimate goal. Because passion always helps the individual to strive for excellence and be dedicated. 

We can sense that almost every youth is just wandering around for their career choices. Making the right decision has always been a burden for youths! Whereas, if one has to choose their career they must always have the power to prioritize their interest over everything else. This not only makes them aware of themselves but also helps them nourish their skills & abilities. 

Having a passion for something and still not getting on involved in it is actually a sad thing. Well, indulging oneself in the things that we love can be the actual solution for that. And looking at some icons we have seen that following their passion has led them to accomplish their dreams. So, why not do the same for yourself?

Instead of saying career or passion. Why not blend both things and let opportunities seek you?

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